On Housing – Jeff will:
  • Fight for affordable housing options in the 47th Ward and require large new developments to include 20% affordable units
  • Work to balance the stock of housing options to meet the needs of our diverse 47th Ward residents – from townhouses to transit-oriented development to two-flat preservation to allowing coach houses. We can do this!
  • Ensure that our new Assessor delivers on his promise of reform: a fair and transparent property tax system for businesses and homeowners
  • Address the impact of rapid commercial and residential development on our main corridors and include community input early in the planning stages

On Public Safety & Police Accountability – Jeff will:
  • Ensure police officers receive proper support and training to keep the 47th Ward safe, while also being held to the highest standards in policing
  • Fight to fully fund critical social services so police and citizens have support systems that address the root causes of social instability, violence and trauma
  • Support the implementation of the consent decree and work with the Mayor, Police Superintendent and Community Leaders to ensure it is properly enforced
  • Work on efforts to end cash bail and expand early interventions and alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders and those struggling with addiction
  • Expand programs that bring first responders and community members together such as National Night Out and Officer Friendly

On Education – Jeff will:
  • Continue his outspoken advocacy and relentless fight to ensure full funding for each and every neighborhood school – in the 47th Ward and throughout Chicago
  • Expand investments made in Amundsen and Lake View High Schools to ensure their continued success as a school-of-choice for ward families
  • Demand an Elected School Board (and not quit ‘til there is one!)
  • Stop opening charter schools and support a moratorium on closing public schools
  • Support GROWCommunity, and work with alderman around the city to build a high quality K-12 neighborhood school system in every ward

In the Ward Office – Jeff will:
  • Give constituents more opportunities to engage with their alderman through Ward Days, Ward Nights, Town Halls, Small Business Meetups and more. Democracy works better with you!
  • Continue Ald. Pawar’s commitment to use TIF funds for our schools, parks and public infrastructure
  • Establish a youth governance council to give young people a voice throughout the ward
  • Help small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs join our vibrant small business community by connecting them to resources and helping them navigate the complexities of city government.

In City Government – Jeff will:
  • Support a progressive income tax to put more money in the hands of working and middle class residents
  • Fight for TIF reform citywide and make sure funds are improving parks, schools and infrastructure
  • Work with the city treasurer to make sure debt obligations are met and bills are paid in a thoughtful, transparent manner – always prioritizing taxpayers over financial institutions.
  • Above all be an Independent, progressive voice on city council

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