Jeff Jenkins

"I have always shown up for my community, my ward, my city. As Alderman of the 47th Ward I will always show up for you."

Jeff Jenkins is a homeowner, small business owner, a husband, father, artist, active community leader and resident of Chicago’s 47th Ward for nearly 20 years. Jeff lives a block from Welles Park with his wife Julie, his two kids Max and Samantha Jenkins, and their two rescued canines, Junebug and Rosie Rae.

Together, Jeff and Julie co-founded Midnight Circus in the Parks, their citywide non-profit based right here in the 47th Ward. This program reaches 20,000 Chicagoans each year all across our city, has raised $300,000 for 47th Ward parks, and $1 million for Chicago parks citywide.

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Across the ward and the city, Jeff has been a leading voice on key public issues: full funding for our neighborhood schools, the creation of an elected school board, balanced zoning and development, public safety and government accountability and transparency.

His hands-on experience of bringing stakeholders together, finding common ground, and creating real lasting change to improve the lives of Chicagoans in our ward and across our city have been a hallmark of Jeff’s work and life.



Jeff Jenkins is running for 47th Ward alderman because the need for transparent, inclusive and ethical government is at an all time high. Jeff is the person to do the job for Chicago’s 47th Ward. He has been matching his values with action for 20 years in Ward 47 and is ready to do more to help more people.

As 47thWard Alderman, I will continue to do what I have done for nearly two decades in the community I call home – advocate for our schools and our parks, work to keep our neighborhoods safe, ensure delivery of quality city services, and above all, work with you and work for you as a committed and proud public servant.