Jeff Jenkins

"I have always shown up for my community, my ward, my city."

Jeff Jenkins is a homeowner, small business owner, a husband, father, artist, active community leader and resident of Chicago’s 47th Ward for nearly 20 years. Jeff lives a block from Welles Park with his wife Julie, his two kids Max and Samantha Jenkins, and their two rescued canines, Junebug and Rosie Rae.

Together, Jeff and Julie co-founded Midnight Circus in the Parks, their citywide non-profit based right here in the 47th Ward. This program reaches 20,000 Chicagoans each year all across our city, has raised $300,000 for 47th Ward parks, and $1 million for Chicago parks citywide.

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Across the ward and the city, Jeff has been a leading voice on key public issues: full funding for our neighborhood schools, the creation of an elected school board, balanced zoning and development, public safety and government accountability and transparency.

His hands-on experience of bringing stakeholders together, finding common ground, and creating real lasting change to improve the lives of Chicagoans in our ward and across our city have been a hallmark of Jeff’s work and life.